Christmas Cakes

Stobbs Christmas Cake

Traditional Iced Christmas Cake

Our Stobbs Christmas cakes can be made in many different ways, but generally they are variations on the classic fruitcake.

Our Christmas cake adds much to the celebrations of Christmas, a cake that is as much a part of the season as Santa.

Marzipan, Royal icing, strawberry jam and rich fruit cake - rich, dark and moist, sweet and filling - this Stobbs cake is perfect for that special day, and is made from only the best of flour and fruit.

Remember to buy your cake early for Christmas, as cakes can only improve as they mature.

But make sure you hide them from the kids!


Stobbs Panetonne

Italian Panettone

The soft cake of traditional Italian panettone is filled with chocolate cream and covered with bitter chocolate. The whole sweet 'composition' is turned into a delicious Christmas pastry. The panettone is an inviting Italian specialty, ideal for sweetening the season's feasts.

Dundee Cake

A particular favourite of many is the traditional Scottish cake, the Dundee Cake. It is a light and crumbly cake, with less fruit and candied peel and more currants, raisins, sultanas and cherries. This Christmas cake is particularly good for people who don't like very rich and moist cakes. As with all our fruitcakes, the almonds (or other nuts) can be omitted by people who don't like them or those with nut allergies.


Stobbs Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding or Plum Pudding

Christmas pudding is a tradition that began as plum porridge or figgy pudding. People ate the porridge on Christmas Eve, and soon dried fruit, spices and honey were added to the mixture, and eventually it turned into Christmas pudding. It has been around since Shakespeare’s day!

Our Christmas pudding is solidly dark, spicy, and aromatic, and filled with dried fruits and laced with cider, sherry, brandy or rum. The triumphal entry of the Christmas Plum Pudding, topped with a sprig of holly and alight with the flickering blue flames of burning brandy, can now be the traditional highlight of your Christmas dinner.

Our Christmas pudding can also be served with icing or brandy butter, and is also available in a non-alcholic version.