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Tuscany Breads

Stubbs Tuscany Bread

We have a wide range of Tuscany breads made in our Drongan bakery.

Tuscany is in the centre of Italy and many tastes have emerged from there.

Our Tuscany breads are made in many different flavours, using olive oil, tomato, cheese, onions and olives.

And all the loaves have the soft, light crusty feel and  subtle flavour which is so typical of the region.

Each slice of this rustic bread is textured with grain, and has a chewy crust, making it extremely satisfying.

Moisten the bread with olive oil, and rub with a peeled clove of garlic for the traditional taste of Italy.

The very essence of Italy can be enjoyed every time you have a dish with this flavourful Tuscany bread.

Stobbs Ciabatta

Ciabatta Roll

Our Ciabatta, or traditional Italian roll, is one of our most popular Italian products. Made with wheat flour and yeast and olive oil, these rolls have a golden crusty outside and a light, airy inside.

Each ciabatta is shaped like a slipper – in fact, the word ‘ciabatta’ means ‘slipper’. Ciabatta rolls originate from the south of Italy.

Fill your Ciabatta with cheese, meats, and other fillings, its, light texture and versatility make this an Italian classic.

Our speciality ciabattas are :