Our morning rolls are fired from a traditional recipe handed down from father to son in the Gilardi family of bakers for over 40 years - we don't use industrial premixed dough.

Our morning roll recipe has stood the test of time, proven by our Scottish customers who love our fresh rolls. We produce a perfect light, well-fired morning roll using only the finest ingredients.

Umberto Gilardi, Owner, Stobbs the Baker

Stobbs Morning Roll


Morning Rolls

The Scottish morning roll is a delicious addition to any meal. Toasted and buttered, or stuffed with a delicious filling - it's no wonder the morning roll has been part of our diet for a long, long time.

Our morning rolls are soft white rolls, freshly made every morning from wholesome ingredients.

They are so versatile that you can enjoy  them  as part of a bacon roll, sausage roll, jam roll , or best of all - a roll and butter !

Scottish morning rolls are one of the true tastes of Scotland – so enjoy your Stobbs rolls, at anytime - not just in the morning!


Coxes, Softies and Deli Rolls

Our Coxes, Softies and Deli rolls are specially baked for the sandwich trade, but are available in our retail shops. You can have them filled with a variety of delicious fillings, or take them home to make yourself.

They are sweeter than a normal roll, and are available plain or seeded.

They are also available in different sizes to suit any appetite!

Stobbs Coxes

Stobbs Coxes