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The Ayrshire Pie

This traditional Ayrshire favourite, the Ayrshire Pie has only 0.9% fat and is made from 90% pure steak meat. It is no understatement to say Stobbs Ayrshire Pies are the healthiest steak pie in your local area. An Ayrshire Pie can be enjoyed hot or cold as part of a nutritious meal. Peas, carrots, chips or mash - all go well with this tasty Stobbs pie! Why not enjoy one on it's own as a quick meal or snack. Warm them in the oven or microwave, and enjoy the rich flavour of tender steak meat and gravy mixed with a tasty upper crust and pastry sides.

Scotch Pie

Our Scotch pies are traditional, delicious and very versatile. Eat them on their own or as part of a meal, and whether you enjoy one with beans after the game on Saturday, or as a carry out from one of our shops, you are sure to enjoy the rich flavours of the traditional Scotch pie, because they are "simply delicious." Our Scotch pies are also available as 'onion pies.' Just look out for the second 'hole' in the lid!

Chicken Pie

This delicious chicken pie is made from the finest ingredients - light and tender pastry, succulent chicken pieces and delicious creamy sauce. An unbeatable combination.

Other Savouries

Our sausage rolls, chicken pies, bridies, cheese and onion pies, and other savoury products are delicious and cooked fresh.Enjoy them as a take-away from our shops, or as a snack or meal at home.

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