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Scones have long been a traditional Scottish quick bread, said to have got their name from Scone Palace which once housed the infamous Stone of Destiny or Scone Stone; the coronation stone upon which Scottish Kings were crowned in times past.Our scones come in many varieties - the traditional plain scones, fruit scones, treacle scones, and blueberry and cherry scones. Visit our shops to see our full selection. Enjoy your scone, warm from our bakery, or warmed at home, with jam, butter or thick cream.

Madiera Cakes

Some of the most delicious Madiera cakes in all Ayrshire are fired in our Drongan bakery. Mouthwatering and delicious, with many flavours and varieties, they will make your teabreak or 'wee sit doon' all the more pleasurable. Buttered or plain, warm or at room temperature, they are sure to satisfy!

Pancakes & Potato Scones

Our traditional Scottish pancakes are a great favourite with old and young alike. Their light texture and sweet taste makes them delicious to have as a snack, pudding, or even as part of a meal. Drizzle them when warm with honey or maple syrup and sprinkle with sugar for a delightfully filling snack. Our potato scones can be enjoyed on their own with a topping such as butter, margarine, jam, marmalade, etc. They are best eaten warm and are easily reheated. Enjoy your potato scone with a fry up or with beans, or toasted under the grill.

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